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Aluminium KSA is under the ownership and operation of Husnain, who possesses extensive experience in the Aluminium joinery industry, spanning over 8 years. During his journey, Husnain identified the necessity of aiding home handy individuals in sourcing parts for their aluminum doors and windows. Often, entire doors or windows were needlessly replaced when a simple component, such as wheels, a latch, or stays, would suffice. Husnain and his team take great pride in offering personalized service and expertise, readily providing parts or information that empowers DIY enthusiasts to repair or replace components themselves. This approach enables them to save on the expenses of hiring expensive service personnel.

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At Aluminium KSA, our utmost priority is exceeding customer expectations and ensuring that fixers receive exactly what they desire service and rightfully deserve.

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Our services aim to enhance productivity in the lives of both customers and workers (fixers), creating positive impacts for all involved.

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Aluminium KSA promptly addresses all your home, business, commercial, and official challenges, providing effective solutions in the shortest possible timeframe.


Aluminum Alloys?

Aluminum alloy windows are constructed from aluminum alloy building profiles and a framed structure. They can be categorized as standard aluminum alloy doors and windows or thermal break aluminum alloy doors and windows. These windows boast an attractive appearance, excellent sealing, and high durability, making them widely utilized in building engineering. Additionally, aluminum alloy doors and windows are commonly employed to enclose balconies in home decor.

Affordable & Flexible

Tilt and Turn windows are designed to open inwards. In the tilt position, the window tilts inwards from the top. Upon closing the window and turning the handle further, it will swing open inwards from the side.

Sleek Mosquito Frames

Slimline Aluminium sleek mosquito frames are designed to seamlessly fit on the surface of the existing window frame. They can either be hinged or held in place by turn buttons, along with a mid bar that is screwed to the window frame, allowing it to rotate into position across the face of the screen frame.

Aluminium Glass Sliding Window

Sliding doors provide convenient and secure access to your building, whether it's on the façade or inside. As space-saving and noiseless solutions, they have become essential features in numerous buildings. Whether in manual or automatic form, Aluminium KSA's sliding door systems offer exceptional visual appeal that seamlessly complements any architectural style. Our barrier-free automatic sliding door systems, equipped with cutting-edge drive technology, are highly functional, catering to diverse usage needs.

Aluminium Doors

In today's contemporary building landscape, building owners, architects, and construction businesses are presented with a wide array of options for entrance door installations. Understanding all the available choices is crucial to select the most suitable door for your home, office, or building project. To make a well-informed decision, it's essential to grasp the benefits, features, and potential limitations of various door types. After all, your door will be used daily and is a long-term investment, making it vital to make the best possible choice.