A framed partition wall system offers a fantastic solution for creating versatile spaces, dividing work areas in offices, and segregating sales areas. Comprising easily installable modules, the system allows for hassle-free demounting and relocation as needed.

Advantages of Aluminum Partitions Aluminum partitions stand out as one of the most versatile partitioning systems available, offering convenience in installation, demounting, and repositioning. These partitions come in solid units with partial or complete glazing options, making them easy to install with minimal disruptions.

Both aluminum frames can be customized with powder coating to meet your specifications, while joints can be concealed using aluminum cover trims or taped and filled for a seamless wall finish. One of the remarkable aspects of aluminum partitions is the extensive variety of finishes and styles available. They are particularly popular when integrated with integral blinds in the cavity, providing a sleek and stylish alternative to conventional window blinds while enhancing privacy.

Solid aluminum partitioning systems can significantly reduce sound by up to 52 decibels (Rw), while those with glazing can reduce sound by up to dB (Rw). Aluminum partitions with solid panels and glazing have a maximum fire rating of 60 minutes.

When ordering, it is crucial to specify the requirement for fire safety, ensuring the proper insulation, fire-rated glass, and certification are provided to ensure that the partitions are fire-safe.